The exotic and scenic island country of Taiwan is a choice spot for would be vacationers. That is an assertion I intend to stand by. Home to countless festivals, amazing climate, food, and people, not to mention having a rich Southeast Asian culture, this is truly a prime vacation destination. Having said all this, and assuming you were to, wisely, take our advice, what places in Taiwan would be most important to visit? I have your answers, just keep reading.

Taipei city is the capital of Taiwan and as such, embodies the cultural and artistic essence and reputation of the country. This city is home to several wonderfully crafted temples dedicated to the service of local deities. Amongst these attractions include, Longshan and Taipei Confucius Temple. Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper you'll see there, is awe-inspiring to most and on New Year's Eve, the platform doubles as the tallest fireworks display in the world. Taipei experiences various festivals all year long, some of which include lantern festival and ghost day celebrations amongst others. One cannot claim to have enjoyed a complete Taiwan tour package without getting to experience one or two of these festivals, during your stay.

This landlocked county is the second largest county in Taiwan. The mountainous areas with notable hiking trails such as Maolan and Hanabi hiking trails make it a tourist destination for mountain hikers and the like. It also features tourist attraction sites such as Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Jufang Hall, and Paper Dome, to name a few. This beautiful county is also the home of the world famous tea plants, Oolong tea. Spend holiday accommodation in bali.

This special municipality has grown from the small trading village it started out as in the 17th century, into a political and economic powerhouse in the country. It is a highly-sufficient global city which is the location of many refineries and shipbuilding industries as well as shopping streets, organized night markets and leisure parks. Visitors may find themselves intrigued by landmarks such as the Tuntex Sky Tower and the Kaohsiung Dream Mall with its remarkable Ferris wheel as well as natural attractions such as Shoushan, the Love River and Qijin amongst others. The strong and stable infrastructure in this city enabled it to host the 2009 world games. Tour packages in Taiwan, usually feature a stop at this wonderful city.

Popularly known as "The Windy City", this place is known for its windy climate. But that's not all it is known for. Chances are, your phone and most of your electrical appliances were made in this city which is the leading electronic manufacturing hub Taiwan and dare I say, the world. Its technological zone is home to IT offices and big names like Huawei. Take a tour through this city and find out whether or not you can get a discount on that new phone you have been looking to buy.

This is made up of a group of Islands governed by Taiwan. It features the Kinmen knives which are actually made from unexploded arsenal during the Chinese Civil war and this serves as its major attraction. The noodles served here are a memorable adventure for your taste buds. Your journey to Taiwan will be made complete by a sojourn in Kinmen. In essence, when booking a Taiwanese tour package, one must look out to make sure that these 5 places are listed there, to ensure a complete enjoyment of all the country has to offer.




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