Samuel Ward is an ardent lover of all kinds of which probably inspired his foray into food and lifestyle blogging. His focus on exotic foods around the world has led to travels to different places worldwide where he tries out local delicacies, popular in those places.

His articles have been featured in various magazines and his opinion sought after by various food critics countrywide. He hopes to launch a game show which will be focused on guessing the name of exotic foods from a just a few bites, and a lot of planning is going into that now.


Sunshine Travels is a tourism agency situated in Taiwan. We welcome you to see and experience the embodiment of beauty that is Taiwan, from the wonderfully crafted temples in Taipei to the various hiking trails in Nantou, not to mention the Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung.

Our services are open to customers of all kinds including the young, and the young at heart. Owing to the diversity of our client base, our itineraries are flexible and encompass a wide range of interests to maximize customer satisfaction.




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They are gathered from places where they gather in masses such as cemeteries, or untended pastures and then fried to a crisp. In Ecuador and show you some of the more shock-inducing delicacies from those regions.